MilkMade Ice Cream

Project: E-Commerce 
Client: MilkMade
Role: UI/UX Design
Agency: Kounterattack

MilkMade Ice Cream is more than just a pint on a shelf or a clever flavor – they are on a mission to be the best pint in New York City. They make delicious, handcrafted ice cream delivered directly to your door. Backed by delicous flavors and a dedicated following, MilkMade was ready to take the next leap. In order to do so, a stronger online presence was needed.

2 is Better than 1

What sets MilkMade apart is their promise of two truly unique (and sometimes unconventional) flavors each and every month. Every original flavor is an exploration of locally-sourced fresh ingredients and bright ideas combined with their wholesome and transparent process to ice cream making. With beautiful photography already established, the platform we established helped to reinforce it.

Ice Cream To-Go

What could be better than coming home to ice cream hand delivered to your door step? MilkMade subscription based plan makes it difficult to not want to become a member. At Kounterattack, we delivered a high-end experience, developing a platform that optimized and addressed the emerging pain points MilkMade was experiencing from their phenomenal growth.

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