Project: Website/Identity Redesign
Role: Art Director, UI/UX Design

Working at KOUNTERATTACK Design for 7 years, I learned alot and grew substantially as a digital designer. The company had been founded long before I even knew what design really was. As all things though, it was time for a refresh. A complete identity rebrand and website overhaul was long overdue and it was a very exciting project to work on.

Project Slideshow
Presentation of an agency’s portfolio is key to demonstrating the full potential of their capabilities. The project slideshow was designed so that users would be able to view significant pages of a platform created at Kounterattack with ease. The clear navigiation breaks down the overall site and allows users to see full interfaces in a seamless scroll.

Responsive Design

The primary focus was to make sure the agency’s message was clear and that the work spoke for itself. The redesign utilized a structured grid which allowed for a beautiful and smart layout that did not boring or repetitive, optimized for any size.
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