Interrupt Violence

Project: Transmedia Experience
Client: Tribeca Film Institute
Role: Art Direction, UI/UX Design
Agency: Kounterattack

Interrupt Violence is an online, interactive experience exploring the causes and effects of the widespread violence located in America’s inner cities. The project was inspired by the highly acclaimed film ‘The Interrupters’ by legendary filmmaker Steve James. Tribeca Film Institute, working with Steve James, wanted to conceptualize an appraoch to building an interactive solution around a complex narrative. The corresponding digital experience features characters from the film as they attempt to confront the destructive cycle of poverty, incarceration, and joblessness plaguing their communities.

Visual Identity

The name of the project is simple:  Interrupt Violence. I did not want to take away from that and wanted to utilize that powerful message in my approach to creating the logo. After various explorations, the end result was simple enough; Cross out ‘VIOLENCE.’ There’s no place for it and it does not belong.

In Loving Memory

Digital Shrines was a section where online, interactive obituaries could be created for those that unfortuantely passed away due to violence. It was a safe place for loved ones to share positive memories of their life and celebrate the amazing individuals they were.

Community Outreach

An important aspect of The Interrupters is being there for the community, whether they were mentors, teachers, thought leaders, or just members of society looking to help how they can. It was clear having a place where discussion could exist. It could range from essays or just back and forth dialogue on what the next best steps could be to providing help to one’s community.

Selected video segments from the movie were also available, where each video would end with a curated educational plan and other related content on how to best handle certain scenarios.

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