Project: Branding, Digital Platform
Client: Relative Emotions Enterprise
Role: UI/UX Design
Agency: Kounterattack

Collaborizm is a social network focused on bringing creative, innovative individuals together to turn visions into reality. No matter what stage an amazing idea is at, this is the community to grow and build it. Ensuring strong connecions, a unique algorithm based contextual and social relationship principles effectively builds teams of compatible collaborators itching to get started on their ideas.

Working Together

Based around a diverse community of varying skillsets, Collaborizm is all about finding the right teammates that fit exactly the needs of your project to bring it to life. Learn about each individual to really get a sense of their background and what talent they can provide.

Step-by-Step Sign Up

From start to finish, getting started on Collaborizm takes your on a guided step-by-step process so you can get collaborating as soon as possible. After setting up an account, to better refine your search results, users can choose to improve their matches.

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