Campus Evolution

Project: Social Media Platform
Role: Art Director, UI/UX Design
Agency: Kounterattack

After helping to brand Campus Evolution Villages, a university specific housing community for incoming students, the owners wanted to come up with ideas to the expand the community further. Though it never got fully developed, Kounterattack still created concepts for a social network specifically for each university. Campus Evolution was conceived as an all-in-one hub, where students could not only keep in touch with their fellow classmates, but as also be aware of all the events happening, keep track of their courses, stay organized, get help with homework, or meet new friends along the way. It was a digital experience meant to help students ease into campus life which can often be stressful and intimidating.

All-In-One Network

Campus Evolution was envisioned to be the go to destination for all things school. Starting with their own housing, not only is there a social hub to stay connected with classmates, but CE also planned to curate their own content, such as a dedicated web channel, housing videos such as concerts or university art events.

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