Black Panthers Revisited

Project: Transmedia
Client: Firelight Media
Role: Identity Design
Agency: Kounterattack

Black Panthers Revisited: Inherit the Revolution is a transmedia project that brings together activists from the Black Power era with young adults to explore how 1960’s radical politics shaped African American identity, then and now. The site serves as a platform for two generations to reflect, offer lessons learned, discuss contemporary issues, and share memories of and contemporary experiences of activism.
Logo Process
This was a logo that was really fun to dive into. Provided with tons of powerful images from the movement, I wanted this logo to really be strong and make a statement. Because the logo was to be used in a digital
Final Logo
After much exploration and lots of fun trying new ideas, ultimately the result was a much cleaner and to the point. Utilizing the iconic shape of the panther, we superimposed a powerful image of what the movement was about. Shown are members of the Black Panthers standing up and speaking out loud, making sure their voice is heard and pushing forth their inspiring agenda.
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