Project: Digital Platform 
Client: 720
Role: Art Director, UI/UX Design
Agency: Kounterattack


720 is retail production and customer engagement business working across grovery, petrol, QSR, banking, auto and more. They prides themselves as retail production and engagement experts, backed by a team notable not only for its breadth of skills and nationwide reach, but also for its flexibility, tech savvy, and deep understanding of the retail industry.

With diverse team of production technicians, creatives, logistical planners, craftsmen, project managers, engineers, digital media specialists, builders, data analysts, programmers and field auditors, they are able to deliver in-house customer production & engagement expertise that embraces almost every discipline and  technology known to the industry. 

720 approached Kounterattack to help create a responsive site to showcase their capabilities and retail work portfolio. They had a strong focus that the company was based on two full circles, explaining how their business model is based off that idea. Using the circle as a focus, many elements of the site were based off that such as slowly rotating rings overlayed on top of images.

Total Retail Upgrade

Without pushing the circle too far to the point of exhaustion, I decided it was important to still keep a clean structure to the site, allowing 720’s portfolio to truly shine. Knowing that they had professional photography of each site location, it was important to showcase that within the detail pages. With subtle details in the design, it all tied together to create a friendly, engaging experience.

Responsive Design

As with any website, web responsiveness is extremely significant. 720’s portfolio and story must be told seamlessly on any device.  Again, the focus still remained on the photography which creates a visually dynamic site.

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